Amniotics AB is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to providing unique stem cell therapeutics to patients in need.


Our Technology

Amniotics™ has developed a unique pipeline of cell therapeutics combining the desirable properties of neonatal source and tissue specificity. Our product is therefore tailored to the organ of choice (such as e.g. lung, kidney, or CNS/brain) or any combination thereof. The feature of our technology combines the potency, proliferative capacity, and differentiation capability of neonatal cells with tissue-relevance, making it possible to treat corresponding tissues. This makes our pipeline ideally suited for therapies in which there is a need for organ-specific repair, with an elevated chance of success in treatment.

A Novel Source

Our cells originate from full term amniotic fluid, collected at planned cesarean and processed with our technology which ensures that properties ideal for regenerative and immunomodulatory medicine are maintained and enhanced. We have developed a proprietary method and a device for the extraction and use of the amniotic fluid material. The material is collected and processed according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) protocols in Amniotics™ fully owned facilities.

Harvesting nature’s powers

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been shown to aid in healing damaged organs and tissues, and to modulate deleterious inflammatory processes in a wide spectrum of diseases that have a high unmet medical need. With our technology, we tap straight into the healing properties provided by tissue-relevant neonatal stem cells.

COVID19 – The Corona virus pandemic calls us to action

Amniotics AB is uniquely positioned to, and we believe it is our duty to, explore a novel treatment modality for severe respiratory issues related to infections from the corona virus SARS-CoV-2. Our research and development program over the last decade geared towards treatment of severe  respiratory diseases has created the knowledge and experience that may be applied to treating respiratory issues associated with COVID19. The severity of the most affected patients calls us to action. We are answering that call.

What happens in Swedish virus research?

The Bridge & Medicon Village arranged a #iställetföralmedalen digital event on work & health. Amniotics CEO Kåre Engilde participated in discussions on Swedish virus research.
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