Our technology

Amniotics™ have discovered a novel, unique type of stem cell, present in full term amniotic fluid. This neonatal stem cell carries the characteristic properties of mesenchymal stem cells with the additional benefit of selection for tissue relevance.

Our approach

The aim of Amniotics™ is discovering and developing stem cell based treatments for human diseases with high unmet needs. Our stem cells are uniquely derived from Term Amniotic Fluid (TAF), where TAF is collected from planned caesarean sections using our patented CE-approved medical device. Followed by a robust and scalable approach to extract, purify and culture our MSCs in-vitro in order to develop cell-based therapies. This TAF starting material not only provides an ethically relevant source of stem cells with advantage of allowing selection for tissue relevance, but also reduces manufacturing costs, complexity and timelines, breaking the most significant barriers to stem cell commercialization.

About Mesenchymal Stem Cells – MSCs

MSCs are highly valuable to medical research – potentially providing a novel way to treat numerous diseases now lacking effective therapeutic options. The current practice used to obtain MSCs is based on adult donor sources such as adipose tissue from liposuction. Although this is an abundant source today, the cells obtained lack neonatal potency and quality. On the other hand, other neonatal sources such as umbilical cord blood does generate high potency cells. However, cord blood delivers a very low cell yield (ca. 10-20 mL/donor) making it difficult, and ethically unacceptable, to fully satisfy the demand for neonatal MSCs from that source only. Additionally, other MSCs from birth-associated tissues lack a corresponding tissue or organ in the adult body. By using TAF, currently a waste product spilled on the operating table in typical C-section procedure, Amniotics™ is able, as the first company ever, to collect high yields (ca. 400 mL/donor) of ethically relevant sources of neonatal origin MSCs. And as the amniotic fluid is in contact with many different tissues of the unborn infant, this source provides a unique richness in types of stem cells. This allows Amniotics™ to select and cultivate stem cells that are tissue relevant to the target organ to be treated, e.g. pulmonary type MSCs for the treatment of lung disorders.

About different diseases that can be treated with TAF-MSCs

From our preclinical experiments we know that TAF-MSCs have the potential to improve immunological responses, induce healing and reduce fibrosis. Moreover, Amniotics™ has a patented technology that allows us to select different tissue relevant MSCs from the pool of different neonatal TAF-MSCs that can be obtained at planned caesarian sections.
Amniotics™ pulmonary-relevant MSCs could ultimately be used to treat all respiratory diseases with inflammatory and fibrotic components with unmet medical needs. The study results from Amniotics™ are in concurrence with what has been shown for other MSCs by several research groups using disease models in other tissues.
Our current main objective is to provide, as quickly as possible, a therapy for COVID-19 induced respiratory failure and systemic inflammation (so-called cytokine storm).

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