“We are developing and producing innovative stem cell-based therapeutics to treat severe life-threatening diseases, where effective treatment is lacking or is insufficient”


CEO Marcus Larsson presents at Redeye Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy Event.

Unique Technology

Amniotic's platform enables the extraction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from amniotic fluid, which is recovered from healthy voluntary donors in connection with planned caesarean sections

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Amniotics has a project portfolio where the same technology and methodology can be applied for various indications

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Our procedure for collecting term amniotic fluid from voluntary healthy donors is performed at full-term planned caesarean deliveries

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Collaborate with us

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Use our GMP facility

Amniotics is a technology and service provider to Universities, Hospitals, and the Biopharmaceutical industry.

Advance our pipeline

Amniotics is looking to establish strategic partnerships with researchers and companies to accelerate the development of our stem-cell-based therapies to the benefit of patients. See our pipeline here.