About Amniotics

About us

Amniotics develops and manufactures stem cell therapies in our own GMP certified facility


Amniotics was born out of the discovery of a novel source of stem cells in full-term amniotic fluid. Based on a decade of research at the internationally recognized Lund University Stem Cell Center and Hospital, the company is pioneering the harvesting and propagation of tissue specific neonatal quality mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Researchers and founders of the company, pediatrician Marcus Larsson, obstetrician Andreas Herbst and stem cell specialist Niels-Bjarne Woods discovered a new type of stem cells in amniotic fluid that has unique properties for applications in regenerative medicine.

Amniotics completed and process validated a GMP manufacturing facility at our premises in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden in 2020. We are offering contract development and contract manufacturing of Advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMPs) to the pharmaceutical industry, to Universities and to hospitals.

Amniotics is now in clinical phase with the leading drug candidate PulmoStem™ targeting severe lung diseases and is looking to establish strategic partnerships with researchers and companies that are interested in developing stem-cell-based therapies targeting diseases with high unmet needs.


To contribute to the successful treatment of human diseases by providing the very best stem cell for medical applications. We are devoted to developing innovative life-changing and regenerative treatments for patients.


Deliver safe and effective innovative therapies to patients with unmet medical needs.


Amniotic’s strategy is to conduct innovative research and development in stem cell-based cell therapies by having patents in place at all stages from the collection of amniotic fluid to the finished product. The company’s ambition is to develop the projects into an early clinical phase for human treatment in phase I / II, and then enter into a strategic partnership for further development and commercialization. In addition Amniotics work as a CDMO, providing GMP manufacture of ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) to universities, hospitals, and the biopharmaceutical industry.

Core Values

At Amniotics™, we aim to positively impact the lives of patients and their families with severe diseases by developing innovative therapies. With our novel treatments in development, we strive to help as many patients as possible as fast as possible.