Marcus Larsson - CEO. Co-founder. Board member since 2015

Marcus Larsson

CEO. Co-founder. Board member since 2015

Marcus Larsson (born 1973) is a licensed physician with a degree from Lund University and a specialist in pediatrics and clinical practice at neonatal clinic, Skåne University Hospital. Marcus Larsson has a PhD in clinical physiology with a special focus on the surface structure and function of the lung and is one of the founders of Amniotics. Marcus Larsson has over 20 years of research experience in physiology and biophysical chemistry and is co-inventing several patents in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Holdings in the company: 26 129 104 Shares

Gerton Jönsson - CFO

Gerton Jönsson


Gerton Jönsson (born 1971) has worked for around 20 years as an accounting consultant for both large international groups and for smaller companies, both listed and unlisted and has also been acting CFO at Doxa AB. He has broad experience of the various elements required of a CFO at a smaller listed company.

Jan Talts - COO since 2017

Jan Talts

COO since 2017

Jan Talts (born 1965) holds a PhD in Animal Physiology from Uppsala University and is an Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology at Lund University Faculty of Medicine. Jan Talts has extensive R&D and management experience from academia, the biotechnology industry and the healthcare sector. Jan Talts has researched development and disease for over 30 years and has held positions as Research Associate at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, Associate Professor and section leader for Anatomy and Cell biology at the University of Copenhagen, Medical Director in Clinical Pathology, Lund University Hospital and Senior Researcher, Project Manager and ECA Certified QA Manager at Xintela AB, a regenerative medicine company. Jan Talts is the inventor of several patents and has published articles in international journals such as Cell, Molecular Cell, EMBO J and PNAS. Jan Talts is well acquainted with most aspects of cell therapy development and has practical experience in pre-clinic, CMC and the regulatory field.

Holdings in the company: 1 287 000 shares and 64 675 employee options series 2021/2026