IPO 2021 Amniotics

Facts about the IPO

Subscription period June 15 – 29, 2021.
Unit The offer consists of units. One (1) unit consists of two (2) shares and one (1) warrant of series TO 1.
Price SEK 41 per unit, corresponding to SEK 20,50 per share.
Valuation Pre-money valuation of SEK 265m.
Subscription commitments There are subscription commitments of SEK 45 million in the offer. 75 % of the offer is therefore secured.
Lock-up The total lock-up amounts to 57,8 % of the existing shares and votes in Amniotics before the transaction. The lock-up extends over 360 days from first day of trading.
Volume in the offer 1 463 415 units corresponding to SEK 60m.
Number of shares before the offer 12 935 000.
Minimum amount to subscribe 150 units, corresponding to SEK 6 150.
ISIN-code The share has ISIN-code: SE0015961016.
The warrant has ISIN-code: SE0016101471.
Marketplace Nasdaq First North Growth Market. First day of trading is estimated to take place July 6th, 2021.
Over-allotment option In order to cover a potential over-allotment in connection with the Offering, the Company has committed to issue additional new shares and warrants to a maximum of 13,3 percent of the number of units in the Offering. The Over-allotment can only be used by Lago Kapital during the first 30 days of trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The Offer may, with the over-allotment option, increase with approx. SEK 8 m, corresponding to a total Offer of SEK 68 m.
Advisors Redeye is financial advisor in the offer.
Nordnet is retail selling agent in the offer.
Nordic Issuing is issuing agent in the offer.
Lago Kapital is engaged to handle stabilization of the share.
Setterwalls Advokatbyrå AB is legal advisor in the offer.


Årsredovisning 2020 med anteckning om resultatdisposition (.pdf, in Swedish)
Styrelsens redogörelse för väsentliga händelser (.pdf, in Swedish)
Revisoryttrande maj 2022 (.pdf, in Swedish)
Anmälningssedel Amniotics TO 1 (.pdf, in Swedish)

Prospekt IPO – Amniotics (.pdf, in Swedish)
Teaser IPO -Amniotics (.pdf, in Swedish)
Amniotics uppdaterade stiftelseurkund (bolagsordning) (.pdf, in Swedish)
Amniotics bolagsordning (.pdf, in Swedish)
Villkor för teckningsoptioner av serie TO 1 (.pdf, in Swedish)
Tilläggsdokument avseende listning av Amniotics AB (.pdf, in Swedish)

About Amniotics in brief

Amniotics is a biopharma company developing a broad pipeline of stem cell therapeutics based on Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from amniotic fluid. The technology is broadly applicable to major disease markets such as: Respiratory (Lung); Neurodegenerative (Brain); Nephrology (kidney); Dermatology (Skin). The Company’s first product, PulmoStem™, is focused on ARDS and ARDS related to COVID-19. The first clinical trial is planned to start in H1 ‘2022. Amniotics aim to start their second clinical trial within IPF during 2022 and their third clinical trial within Lung transplants in 2023.

The technology is based on collecting Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from amniotic fluid, followed by a patent-protected enhancement of the MSC into several kinds of tissue (or organ) specific pharmaceutical products. Amniotics controls the whole manufacturing value chain with patents covering the entire process from collection device to filling of vials.

Tissue specific MSC are believed to have improved properties for diseases affecting the organ relevant for the type of MSC. Neonatal or embryonic derived stem cells are thought to be of higher quality than those derived from adults, but sourcing in high enough quantity has been challenging (prior to new technologies such as the one from Amniotics). Amniotic-fluid based sourcing from planned C-sections provides ample supply volumes combined with high ethical standards.

The company’s founders have vast experience from research within stem cells and amniotic fluid and has since the foundation of Amniotics continued that research and development with industrial methodology. Amniotics has also invested in their GMP-certified production facility during 2020 and recruited key competences infront of the upcoming clinical studies. Amniotics plans to use MSC with lung-specific characteristics for patients with severe inflammatory and fibrotic lung diseases. To be able to execute these clinical studies, capital is needed, and the company sees a listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market as a natural next step for Amniotics.

For more information about Amniotics, please read the prospectus.

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