Fast Development in Longboat Explorers AB


March 26, 2018

Fast Development in Longboat Explorers AB

In March, Longboat Explorers AB has graduated from the Incubator Environment of SmiLe in Lund and it has become “Alumni”. This is in recognition of the company’s fast development from the initial development phase to a position at which the company is deemed ready to continue its development on its own, aiming for a commercial phase that is soon within reach.

My assessment is that Longboat in the past year has more clearly defined its vision as well as the underpinning business models, and also taken decisive concrete steps towards implementing them. In contrast to many other start-ups, we have in Longboat been swift in recruiting an external and commercially oriented CEO. This matters.” says Christer Fåhraeus, Chairman of the Board

The company expects to reach commercial phase approximately around the turn of the year, and it plans to launch an external round of capitalization for the first time in quarter 3 of this year.

Longboat Explorers AB is a Lund based biotech company with serial entrepreneur Christer Fåhraeus as partner and chairman. Longboat intends to put into practice what the article suggests and make more high quality neonatal Mesenchymal Stem Cells available for therapeutic development by applying a patent protected “eco system” for the extraction and expansion of the cell material from amniotic fluid.

Stem Cells are immature cells that through cell division can create cells of several different types of tissue. Mesenchymal Stem Cells can e.g. produce cells able to regenerate tissue of bone, cartilage, muscles and fat, which could be applicable in a wide array of degenerative diseases.

For further inquiry into this topic, please contact the CEO of Longboat, Anders Månsson ( or the company’s CSO, Niels-Bjarne Woods ( who is also a contributing author of the article below:

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