New stem cell company founded


October 16, 2015

Researchers Marcus Larsson, Andreas Herbst and Niels-Bjarne Woods at Lund University have discovered a new type of stem cells in amniotic fluid that have unique properties for applications in regenerative medicine. The newly formed company, Longboat Explorers, has invented and patented a method for utilizing these new stem cells, including further processing and final use for medical applications. The company’s technology platform is patented. LU Innovation System AB joins in partnership with Perspektiv Invest AB and entrepreneur Christer Fåhraeus, who also becomes Chairman of the Board.

“Cells from amniotic fluid are an untapped resource that has proven beneficial to reprogram for several different target tissues. These primitive cells are recovered from a very low oxygen environment, which gives the cells good properties, and our technology maintains this low oxygen level during collection and processing. Our technology also includes the use of a lung protective substance, Surfactant, from the amniotic fluid. This lung protective substance has a unique structure, as it protects the baby’s lung surface and allows for the first breath. Our portfolio also includes a method for optimizing umbilical cord blood, where we extract an additional interesting cell type. We therefore estimate that our method and our patents can have a very high potential in medical applications”, says Marcus Larsson, Medicine Doctor, and specialist in pediatrics.

“That stem cells are a very interesting field of research that will eventually create a technology and treatment platform with disruptive potential in a number of therapeutic areas on conditions and diseases that today completely lack effective treatment is well known. What has not been shown before is that amniotic fluid contains a cell type that can be used in a safe, ethically sustainable and efficient manner in large numbers and with features that make it ideal for many of the future stem cell uses”, says Christer Fåhraeus, Chairman of the Board.

“The fact that we already have business angels on-board is an indication of successful development!”, says Christine Widstrand, vice president of LU Innovation System AB.

For more information, please contact:

Marcus Larsson
Longboat Explorers AB

Christine Widstrand
Vice President, LU Innovation System AB
046-222 12 95
070-928 63 78

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