Unique Technology


Amniotic’s platform enables the extraction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from amniotic fluid, which is recovered from healthy voluntary donors in connection with planned caesarean sections.

The collection is safe for both mother and child and generates an easy-to-handle cell material. The advantages of stem cells from full-term amniotic fluid are, in addition to the high quality of the neonatal cells, the amount of cells/fluid that is collected, the ease with which the fluid can be handled as well as the possibility to select MSCs specific for different body tissues.

Because the amniotic fluid is in contact with several biological interfaces of the fetus, corresponding tissue-specific subpopulations (eg, lung, kidney, and skin MSC) can be extracted from the amniotic fluid through the Amniotic process. About 75 percent of MSC currently used in clinical research and development come from adult donors. Amniotic fluid as a source of MSC has advantages for the reasons given above, but also through a high yield of cells, higher growth capacity, and higher differentiation capacity than cells from tissue material from adult individuals.

Amniotics has developed and controls the entire process, from extraction of amniotic fluid with a patented medical device to sorting and propagation of cells, as well as production of ampoules with mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for use as cell therapy.