Unique Technology


Amniotics has a project portfolio where the same technology and methodology can be applied for the various indications.

We have developed methods for sorting out cells for the treatment of pulmonary indications (PulmoStem ™), CNS indications (CogniStem ™), kidney-specific indications (NephroStem ™) and dermatological indications (CutiStem ™).

Amniotic’s lung-specific product PulmoStem ™ is ready to be evaluated in a first clinical study in humans with the primary aim of demonstrating that the product is safe and well tolerated.

The study can also provide an indication of the effectiveness in patient populations with relevant lung diseases. Amniotic’s other cell-specific products are still at an earlier stage and will in the coming years continue to be developed and taken into the pre-clinical phase.

The company’s iPS technology (“programmed stem cells”) is another opportunity that is at an early stage with the potential to form a completely new platform with new indications for Amniotics.

After clinical phase I / II studies in one indication, Amniotics will usually look for a partner to out-license that product for further clinical development, and in some cases Amniotics will choose to proceed with the product itself in Phase II / III clinical trials.